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YES and ermmm well NO.
In truth it’s impossible to say exactly when you should replace your mattress. Some budget mattresses will be lucky to last 5 years, better quality models will physically last much longer. Then there are health and hygiene reasons to consider. Unfortunately after a while your bed becomes the home of some unwelcome visitors too. So for this reason even if your bed feels physically fine it may be time to change it.
Pocket springing is in our opinion the best spring system currently available. It is as the name suggests a mattress made out of springs which are held in place by pockets of material, originally stitched linen pockets but now more commonly a more durable synthetic glued or welded pocket.
These mattresses differ from the older style bonnell spring or open coil mattresses where the springs were held in place by a physical link from spring to spring.
This difference enables pocket sprung mattresses to offer increased body contouring, lower roll together and generally offer better support without having to just be “firm”. We have examples of the pocket spring system in store which make it far easier to see the benefits.
Memory foam is a “slang” name given for the foams ability to retain the shape of something pressed in to it for a short period. Memory foam or Visco-elastic, is a pressure relieving foam developed by NASA to line the seats of the Astronauts and help them avoid pressure sores from staying in one position for extended periods of time.
It is a filling which replaces the traditional fiber fillings within a mattress, with the aim to give increased pressure relief and allow the sleeper to remain in a deeper sleep for longer periods of time without the body feeling the need to move. It is a fantastic material with regards to these properties and has many more plus points, although it is not without it’s negatives as many people find the foam to retain heat.
Zero Gravity is an alternative to memory foam used by some of our manufacturers. It offers the benefits of memory foam but also provides a much cooler sleeping experience. Several of our most popular mattresses combine this material with a supportive layer of pocketed springs.