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Bed Bugs

21 Nov 2023
Bed Bugs

A topic that you can't talk about without getting a shiver or an itch.

Recently there has been a massive spike in Bed Bug cases. In the last couple of months these was reported to have been a massive spike in Bed Bug cases in Paris.  

Unsurprisingly, a large increase in cases have appeared in London. Since Covid-19 cases have vastly increased. During lockdown - people were not traveling as much hence why cases dropped. Now that we are back to pre pandemic travel levels, cases of bed bugs have returned to higher levels. 

It is very difficult to remove bed bugs but not impossible. 

Here at Robin Hood Beds we have a mattress protector that can keep your mattress Bed Bug Free! its called the Aller zip Smooth Mattress Encasement made by Protect A Bed. With the products protective barrier makes it impossible for bug bugs to penetrate into the mattress. 

We have these available in store at Robin Hood Beds 134, Barton Road Stretford. 

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