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Why Ottomans are back in demand

09 Mar 2024
Why Ottomans are back in demand

Ottoman beds are surprisingly budget-friendly, costing slightly more than a divan bed. But you get much more for your money. An ottoman bed acts like two pieces of furniture in one. It provides a comfy place to sleep, plus tons of hidden storage space underneath. Tuck away spare bedding, clothes, books, or anything else you need to keep out of sight. If you're living in a compact space or saving up for something special, an ottoman bed is a perfect choice that won't break the bank.

In addition to saving space - Ottoman beds are a breeze to keep clean. Their strong build means they're unlikely to need repairs during their lifespan. But even if a slat needs replacing or a screw tightening, the open design makes accessing these areas a snap. Plus, light detergent tackles any stains, and simply lifting the lid lets you freshen up the entire bed with ease.

Available in a wide range and colours and fabrics to choose from. With the option of choosing an end or side opening ottoman - you are able to personalise your bed to your taste. 

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