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The Importance Of Sleep For Sports Recovery

14 Apr 2023
The Importance Of Sleep For Sports Recovery

Due to our closure on Sunday the 16th of April 2023 for the Manchester Marathon. It feels only suitable to talk about sports recovery and the importance of a good nights sleep to enable better recovery.


When you sleep your body reduces the level of stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol breaks down tissues in the body for energy, which is the opposite of what growth hormones do. By lowering cortisol levels, with a good nights sleep this allows growth hormones to more effectively rebuild injured tissues. 


At our store we have a wide range of mattresses! One of our most popular mattresses is the Tencel 1000. This mattress contains pressure relieving Zero Gravity "Sensa Foam" perfect for full body support enabling a great nights sleep! This mattress is available to try in our store at 134 Barton Road, Stretford M32 9AE. Once you try it you will know why it is a popular choice with our customers! 


We at Robin Hood Beds would like to wish everyone taking part in the Manchester Marathon this weekend good luck! #MCR #MCRMARATHON #MANCHESTERMARATHON2023 #MARATHON #BEDS




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