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Mattress Cover Fabrics & How to decide what is best for you!

18 May 2023
Mattress Cover Fabrics & How to decide what is best for you!

In todays market there are a wide range of mattress cover fabrics. With so much choice available, it can be difficult to differentiate them from one another. 

At Robin Hood Beds there are many different mattresses available, each with different mattress coverings to meet the different needs of our customers.

I have selected two mattresses from our shop floor and I will be highlighting the benefits of these two mattress coverings.

Traditional Cotton woven damask is a common covering on mattresses. It is soft to the touch, it is a breathable covering which allows air flow whist you sleep giving you comfort while you sleep. We have a Wool 2000 on our shop floor. This premium mattress is popular with customers who like a more "traditional mattress" with the majority of the fillings being natural wool.

Another popular covering on a mattress is an amazing eco friendly fabric which is made from natural cellulose.  The material is known to help regulate your body temperature helping you cool down if your warm whilst insulating you when you are cold. A very popular mattress that has this covering is the Tencel 1000 & Tencel 2000 these mattresses are popular as they are very comfortable however the mattress covering plays a role in its popularity.  

We have both of the mattresses mentioned above displayed on our shop floor.


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