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What is a standard sprung mattress or an open coil mattress

05 Jun 2023
What is a standard sprung mattress or an open coil mattress

Today we are going to be talking about a popular type of mattress we sell at Robinhood beds. I will be explaining in more depth about it, and some of the various benefits that come with a standard sprung mattress also know as an open coil mattress.

A standard sprung mattress is a mattress made with an open coil spring system, which why it is often called an open coil mattress.

The open coil mattress is a popular mattress type and generally they are a cheaper mattress compared to a pocket sprung mattress. An open coil mattress has interconnected springs and is topped with a variety of different comfort layer top options.

The coils within this mattress are made form high tensile steel which is wound into hundreds of springs connected by a wire rod edge. The springs run from side to side & are available in different firmness's from soft, medium to firm. 

This mattress has been very popular for over a century and remains very popular in the mattress market.

An open coil mattress is often lower in price than other mattresses such as a pocket sprung mattress. So if you are looking for a mattress that wont break the bank, a standard sprung mattress will offer you comfort and a good nights sleep at an affordable price.

An open coil mattress is often very light weight, ideal when turning and flipping your mattress and also handy if you require a mattress to travel with for caravans, camping etc. 

The open coil mattress also offers considerable support as the springs evenly distribute your body weight.

At Robinhood beds we have a two open coil mattresses to choose from. The Colorado which is £179 for a single (3ft) & £229 for a small double / double (4ft /4ft6) We also have a blue label open coil mattress which is £119 for a single (3ft) & £169 for a double (4ft6) 


Prices and information correct as of 05/05/23 

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